Thursday, October 15, 2009

World Map

How do you teach a group of pre-K boys about the basics of world geography and keep their interest for three hours? Easy!

  • Start off by putting together a USA Map Floor Puzzle...

  • Then play Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? (Spin and move your piece to the place where the picture matches.)

  • Talk about the silly letters M and W (one is upside-down and the other is right-side up).

  • Sort out picture word cards into "M" and "W" piles and sound out what they say.

  • Practice making the "W" sound and sing Waddaly Atcha while sitting in a circle and slapping our knees and clapping our hands.

  • Make the sound for "M" and stand and do all the silly actions while singing "Mother Gooney Bird."

  • Then look at a world map and find all the continents and ocean. Then touch where WE live on the map.

  • Next, read a book called Me On The Map. Throughout the book make sure to identify our city, state and country so no one gets confused :)

  • Then go to the table and make a map... which always turns out to be a treasure map, right? Right!

  • Then stop and take a break from all the fun madness and eat some lunch and talk about what you are going to be for Halloween...

  • After eating, clean up your space and gather to read How I Became a Pirate. Go on a treasure hunt and look for the "W" and "M" clues. Find the treasure in the washing machine... Yep! Definitely treasure. It's a bag of world map globe balls.

  • Next up is soccer practice. (Just like the pirate book we read). Yep, whistle and all. We did drills and practiced our ball handling skills.

  • And don't forget in the middle of all that we learned the "ap" family (for map) and cut out word wheels and practiced reading.

Did you get all that? We learned the letter M for maps, the letter W for world, and practiced reading other "ap" words. Everyone had a wild and marvelous time.

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Deanne said...

It sounds like a great day and I know Truman had tons of fun at preschool this week. Thanks for all your planning and hard work!